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May 8th 2020
We know it's not always fun staying home so we decided to create a coloring book for you and your smaller humans. :) From mermaids to rock n roll dinosaurs taken from our most recent 3 piece pajama sets to a very pretty elephant damask print for mom to color, we have a little bit for everyone. :)... Read more.


Apr 25th 2020
Dear Munki Munki FamiliesMunki Munki was founded on the belief that if we can make someone smile, we are doing our job. For over 14 years, we have been doing just that. Internally, we call it smile factor. As silly as it sounds, this “smile factor” is often the deciding factor as to whether our signature prints make it on to our perfect PJs. Spreading joy and whimsy is the foundation of our brand. In these unprecedented times, our team has decided that making people smile is more important than ever. We have shifted our focus to finding ways to add joy to the lives of those around us and the... Read more.


Dec 21st 2018
          With holiday breaks coming up, there’s no better time than right now to make like Winnie the pooh and do nothing at all. There aren’t many things greater than cozying up in your favorite pjs, making some cocoa, and watching a good movie. We took a little break from the holiday chaos to watch Disney’s Christopher Robbin. This sentimental family film brings the 100 acre wood to life through a journey with our favorite childhood friends. Not only is this delightful movie incredibly nostalgic, it also reminds us to take a break from work and enjoy the people w... Read more.


Dec 14th 2018
The holiday's are upon us and we are excited about a new tradition! Ugly Sweater Parties are out, and Onesie parties are in! Onesie parties are perfect for getting together with friends around Christmas and Hanukkah to celebrate the holidays. They add an extra level of cheer and festivity to your event, plus all your guests could not be more comfortable. Give out awards for the best onesie, have guests bring their favorite hot chocolate toppings, and settle in for a holiday movie marathon. Onesie Parties are also perfect for New Year's Eve. If you're tired of spending a ton of m... Read more.


Posted by Whitney Thornton Hall on Dec 14th 2018
In the world of apparel manufacturing it can be easy to get caught up in the fast-pace of the everyday grind- designs, line sheets, and making the sale. Last week, when we received a customer e-mail, it reminded us of the hidden power pajamas can provide -  the comfort of home and an instant smile. The info request came from a customer, Keight, who shared a truly heartwarming story with us.While Keight’s mother, Bonnie, was being cared for at the Kobacker House, a home-like hospice facility in Ohio, Keight would buy her Nite Nite Munki Munki nightshirts. Bonnie loved their soft, c... Read more.


Dec 11th 2018
We are so excited Wirecutter reviewed our pajamas and added them to their "Our Favorite Pajamas for Women and Men" post. Our favorite quote?"Munki Munki is a brand you should know about if you want a wide range of styles and prints. Although the Munki Munki Thermal Long Johns were our favorite for their body-hugging fit, we also tested the Munki Munki hooded Fleece Onesie and Jersey Classic PJs, and we loved them all for their comfy, whimsical feel—which is good, because some of the prints and styles are sometimes hard to find."photos by Adam Reeve... Read more.


Jan 30th 2018
Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Munki Munki has the best gift for your significant other - pajamas! Lingerie is overrated, treat your valentine to comfort and sweet dreams with adorable and soft pajamas from Munki Munki. Pick a pajama set that matches your valentine’s interests! We have a variety of prints and styles to choose from so you can pick the perfect pajamas for your partner’s personality! Here are a few options for the animal lover, the mixologist, the traveler, and the conservationalist!Pajamas for the Animal LoverIf your significant other is the type of person to bring h... Read more.


Dec 27th 2017
There is so much pressure to go out on New Year’s Eve: to pour champagne and clink glasses, to wear your cutest cocktail dress and look picture perfect. Once you’re out on the town, you realize that every venue and restaurant is extremely crowded, all the drinks are overpriced, there’s a significant surcharge on your Lyft ride, and it’s way too cold to be comfortable in your favorite little black dress. Going out on NYE is exhausting!Staying home in pajamas on NYE with your best friends already sounds tempting, right? Well, this year, I’m arguing for a night in for New Year’s Eve! At h... Read more.


Dec 18th 2017
Winter has officially arrived and we’re all patiently awaiting our first snow day! There’s nothing like waking up to realize that nature has gifted you a day free of responsibilities. A snow day is a required day off, and it’s the best time to relax and enjoy the day at home with family. You might lounge in bed all morning, or tackle some household chores, or you might head outside for some snow day activities with the kids. No matter what you choose to do, be inspired by our unique patterned flannel pajamas. The whimsical illustrations will encourage you to make the best of a snow day and the... Read more.


Dec 8th 2017
Winter is the best nature-made excuse to stay at home and hang out in pajamas. Whether it's an official snow day or a weekend, make the most of the cold by getting cozy in your pjs. Here's a list of ways for your kids to have fun and get the most wear out of their Kids Pajamas from Munki Munki. We have the cutest kids pajamas with adorable illustrations. Choose from pizza characters, spaceships, sock monkeys, owls, whales, and more. Pajamas for Extra Warmth at NightThe #1 reason for cozy pjs? sleeping duh! We all know what it’s like crawling into cold sheets without warm pajamas on; it’s not... Read more.





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