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Dec 27th 2017

There is so much pressure to go out on New Year’s Eve: to pour champagne and clink glasses, to wear your cutest cocktail dress and look picture perfect. Once you’re out on the town, you realize that every venue and restaurant is extremely crowded, all the drinks are overpriced, there’s a significant surcharge on your Lyft ride, and it’s way too cold to be comfortable in your favorite little black dress. Going out on NYE is exhausting!

Staying home in pajamas on NYE with your best friends already sounds tempting, right? Well, this year, I’m arguing for a night in for New Year’s Eve! At home, you can make your favorite cocktails, wear comfortable cute pajamas, and create memories with your favorite people! Here are a few ideas to help you throw a perfect and festive NYE Slumber Party!

Choose Your Pajamas

Of course, for a new year’s eve slumber party, the dress code has to be pajamas. They’re warm, soft, cozy, and everyone can match! There’s no need to stress about what to wear for NYE. At Munki Munki, you can buy the stylish prints on the softest fabrics. Plus, we have an entire line dedicated to champagne and cocktail pajamas! There isn’t really a better outfit to wear on New Year’s Eve. :) There’s a pajama style for everyone so you and your friends are sure to find something that suits your unique style!

Make Themed Cocktails

The next aspect of a perfect NYE slumber party is festive cocktails! Champagne obviously says, “Happy New Year!” but our cute women’s pajamas with cocktail prints will inspire you to be more creative! Check out these amazing cocktail recipes from Delish to decide on a few choices to serve. Choose this adorable Light Gray Fancy Drinks Flannel Night Shirt to inspire the mixologist within you.

If you don’t want to put that much focus into the cocktail aspect of your party, it’s always easy and fun to freeze some blueberries and raspberries and then add a few of them to a glass of champagne! It adds some festive flair but it’s so easy! For our champagne aficionados, we have our classic Champagne Flannel Pajama Set to help you ring in 2018!

Pick an Activity

What kind of party do you want to have? Do you want to have a casual, relaxed evening with movies and snacks, or a pajama party with great drinks and good tunes? Think about the atmosphere you want for the evening, and choose activities around that!

For a casual night, grab a deck of cards, some wine, and your favorite movies. For an upbeat party vibe, get some NYE themed decorations, dim the lights, pop the bottles of champagne, and turn up the tunes. Don’t forget to find the perfect song to play to ring in the new year!

New Years Eve Family Fun

For family fun on new years, get matching pajamas for the whole family! We love our Polar Bear Long Thermal Pajamas for mom, dad, and the kids! Pull out a game of Trouble or Apples to Apples and put in your kid’s favorite movie until it’s time for the 10 second countdown!

However you choose to spend your NYE, cute pajamas from Munki Munki can help you end 2017 and begin 2018 with fun memories. Check out our full collection of pajamas online to decide what you want to wear for New Year’s Eve!





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