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5 Reasons Winter Calls for PJs all Day

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Winter is the best nature-made excuse to stay at home and hang out in pajamas. Whether it's an official snow day or a weekend, make the most of the cold by getting cozy in your pjs. Here's a list of ways for your kids to have fun and get the most wear out of their Kids Pajamas from Munki Munki. We have the cutest kids pajamas with adorable illustrations. Choose from pizza characters, spaceships, sock monkeys, owls, whales, and more.

  1. Pajamas for Extra Warmth at Night

The #1 reason for cozy pjs? sleeping duh! We all know what it’s like crawling into cold sheets without warm pajamas on; it’s not cozy! Kids will love putting on their favorite Dino Bike Pajamas or Beauty and Beast themed long john pjs with built in thumbholes to keep their sleeves in place and their arms warm. If you're kids need some extra warmth, try flannel classic sets. Once they’re warm and cozy in their jammies, they’ll be ready to crawl into bed for story time. They might be so comfortable that they’ll fall asleep before you finish the first chapter!

  1. It Gets Dark at 4:00 p.m.! Put the Kid’s Pajamas on Early.

In these winter months, kids come home from school and it’s already nearly dark out! Make it fun by starting bed prep early with plenty of time for play. Our soft, kids pajamas are warm enough to keep them cozy and comfortable while they work on their Lego towns, princess castles, and watch their favorite movie (probably Frozen) for the one hundredth time. Use the prints on their pjs to help direct their imagination. Dinosaur rib knit long johns are perfect for the t-rex in your house, make sure he brushes his chompers before bed! Spaceship rib knit long johns make trips to the moon all the more exciting, especially when crash landing in bed.

  1. Layer Long Johns for Winter Activities

Long Johns aren't just for sleeping, they make great layering options too! If it’s a bitterly cold day, you can layer long johns underneath your children's clothes for a thin layer of cozy. The same approach applies for winter activities! Whether you’re going sledding, making snowmen and snow angels, or prepping for their first playful snowball fight, give them an extra layer of warmth under their snowsuit with our Polar Bear Thermal Kids Long John Set. The best part is, when they come in from playing in the now and strip off all their wet outer layers, their long johns underneath will have them all ready for a long winter nap!

  1. Movie Night, Then Straight to Bed in Kids PJs

Nothing says movie night more than getting into pajamas, ordering pizza, popping some popcorn, and snuggling up with the family on the living room couch. Movie nights are the best! Dressing down in matching family pajamas with your kiddos for these special moments makes them all the more endearing and memorable. An added bonus, matching pajamas and a cute family pic of your movie night is sure to get lots of likes on Facebook and Instagram!

  1. Lazy Sunday Mornings in Warm Cotton Pajamas for Kids

Lazy Sunday morning are the highlight of the week. Without an alarm set, the kids usually wake you up when they are ready to-go. They’re bouncing on the bed in their PJ’s begging for you to get up. You head to the kitchen, brew a pot of coffee, start breakfast (omelets for the grown-ups, and eggs in a basket for the little ones), and then you relax and enjoy the morning with the ones you love dearest. If the kids are in their pajamas from the night before, you don’t even have to worry about dressing them up for the day! They’ll stay warm and comfortable all morning in their long johns.

Overall, kids pajamas are the perfect stocking stuffer for your own children, or they’re the perfect gift for nieces and nephews. With Munki Munki, you’re choosing a quality product with unique and vibrant illustrations that adults and kids will love. Check out the full selection, and find the perfect kids pj’s for the young ones in your life!

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