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Nov 27th 2017

Create the perfect holiday card or Instagram with Munki Munki matching pajamas! Many of our prints are available for the whole family, so coordinate your look and get cozy this holiday season!

matching family pajamas

If you’re like me, your holiday to-do list that is longer than Santa’s. You’re trying to find the perfect gifts, plan holiday dinners, make it to your child’s plays, hockey games, and recitals, and you’re still going to work every day and making school lunches. Due to this long list of daily tasks, taking a family photo for your 2017 holiday card is not your top priority. Well, I’m here to help you check the holiday family photo off of your list! Here’s how you can take a perfect family photo with the help of matching pajamas in 4 easy steps.

Step 1: Gather what you need with this list!

The first step to doing anything is making a list of everything that you’ll need. Luckily, I’ve made that list for you!

  • Camera: If you have a digital camera, that’s ideal. If you don’t, your smartphone will work just fine! If you’re using a phone, just make sure that you have a decent way of propping it up. I like to use a smartphone tripod.

  • Family Outfits: This always seems to be the hardest part! Dressing up your family for a cute holiday photo can take so much time; no one can agree on casual or dressy, and somehow no matter what you do, no one’s outfits ever match. In my experience, my husband always opts for a navy shirt, while my daughter wears bright pink, and my youngest son decides he wants to wear his dinosaur t-shirt. There’s just no winning! However Munki Munki matching family pajamas provide the perfect opportunity to get everyone on board for the photo.

  • Research: Taking this step seriously will really pay off, trust me. Researching a few tips and tricks always goes a long way, especially if you're interested in taking a photo that really looks professional. Pinterest is a fantastic resource to find a little inspiration on how to run your living room like a professional photography studio, check out some of these pins: home photography studio. Refinery 29 had a great guide 10 iPhone Camera Tricks For Every Lazy Girl about shooting stunning photos with your phone. I also love Social Envy's post on How to Get Perfect Instagram Lighting.

Here's where it really gets good: solution to your outfit woes is matching family pajamas!

You can get  matching pajamas for the whole family from Munki Munki! We have matching thermals onesies for size 0/3M all the way up to Men’s XXL! Check out our Home for the Holiday collection, where you can choose from three different holiday inspired illustrations to bring your family photo to life.

Step 2: Set the stage

Now that you’ve decided on the pajamas, consider where you want to take your photo. Here are some ideas to consider:

  • It's gotta be authentic: Depending on where you live and the climate, taking family photos outside can be incredibly charming for the season. Plus, Munki Munki flannel pjs are super warm! Imagine a light dusting of snow on the ground, with a fresh evergreen behind you, and the family is wearing matching thermal pajamas, along with their winter boots, hats and matching gloves. It doesn’t get much cuter than that! 

  • Wonderlust: If you have a yard with pine trees, try decorating an outdoor tree as a family. Placing your favorite ornaments on the branches adds a level of personalization. Lift up a little one to place the star on top. If you have a big crew and there’s more snow than you know what to do with, a mocked snow-ball fight is a cute scene. Got a bunch of little ones? How about piling them all in a sled and having the adults pull them along… Whatever activity you choose will create a super cute scene for your card.

  • Get Cooking :If being outside in the cold isn’t your thing, consider staging a matching pajama photo in the kitchen! Family photos in the kitchen are so adorable. You can use freshly baked holiday cookies as a prop. Imagine your teenager pretending to decorate the cookies, while your youngest is trying to sneak a treat. Your husband is making a fresh pot of coffee, and you’re standing near him sipping from your favorite mug. With a few props, you can make a lovely, realistic, and adorable family photo. Our gingerbread family pajamas would be the perfect choice for this holiday photo!

  • Bouncin' around: Another great option is in the living room! In this setting, everyone can wear their favorite pajamas. Like I mentioned earlier, it can be hard to get everyone all on the same page. The living room is a great place to stage a shoot! Everyone knows where it is, everyone feels comfy there, and let's be honest running around in your PJs just feels more natural in your own home. If you've got a timer on your camera or phone, take a burst or a delayed start. Tricks like those in "Lazy Girl" guide above would be great for something like a 3-2-1-jump photo! 

  • Consider a mix or a set of matching family pajamas: You daughter can wear her favorite plush onesie. Father and son can wear matching men’s pajamas with pirate ships, and you can wear your favorite flannel pajamas from our women’s collection. Once everyone is in their favorite PJs, have them pose under the stockings, by the Christmas tree, or near the fireplace. Your regular holiday decor is the perfect decoration for seasonal family photos.

Step 3: Gather the whole family in their matching pajamas for the photo

Pick an evening during the week that everyone can be home for 30 minutes, hand them their pajamas, and get each person posed for the photo. Take a lot of photos right away. 

You can always edit them later and take a closer look after you’ve shot a bunch. Once you have a couple good shots, sit down with the family and look at all the blooper photos. Trust me, there are always some funny ones!

Step 4: Get Prints, Stationery, and Envelopes!

Now that you have picked the perfect photo, head to your local 1-hour photo place, and get some prints done. While I’m waiting for my photos, I like to choose cute stationery and envelopes for my holiday cards. Before you know it, an hour will be up and you’ll have your perfect holiday photo! Don’t forget to pick-up some stamps on your way out!

Or go digital! Obviously, you're going to post this to Facebook or Instagram right? There are so many guides online about how enhance your photos for online. This guide on how to make GIFs literally changed my life. I've made so many goofy gifs of my kids, and I love sharing them with friends and family! One of my favorite tools, Canva, makes designing holiday cards super easy it's basically Photoshop-magic in your pocket.   

If you do post to social media, be sure to tag us at Munki Munki and we'll be in touch ;).

Overall, the family photo is a great way to bring the family together for a fun activity that you can share with your loved ones. With family pajama sets and the perfect background, you’ll have a holiday photo that you can cherish forever. Look through the incredible selection of pajamas at Munki Munki to find the PJs that highlight your family’s personality and holiday spirit!





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